About Interfaith:

The Interfaith Caring Community of Greenburgh, was started in 1983 by Fr. Robert J. Godley of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Since the numbers of those in need were increasing making it difficult for each community to handle individually, it was his hope to form a centralized group that would help those in need around Westchester rather than have each community care for their needy. He reached out to parishioners of St. Barnabas, most notably Claudia Didul. They formed the Interfaith Caring Community of Greenburgh.

Interfaith’s philosophy is that each of our religions commands us to love our fellow human beings, without distinction as to religious affiliation, and we believe that to love someone, you first need to get to know them.  We also believe that the most important work we can do is to participate in acts of compassion and loving kindness.  Interfaith seeks to bring those two ideas together by working as a larger faith community to help others which helps bring us closer to each other and those we help.

At the beginning of each meeting a host clergy person speaks and helps us understand some aspect of his/her church or synagogue.  We may also invite a representative from an organization or charity that is in need of something that we may be able to offer.  We then discuss how to help these organizations.  We also discuss how to help our ongoing programs.  The ongoing programs that we support are Hope’s Door (a battered women’s shelter), Children’s Village, Gifted Hands, ARCS (Aids-Related Community Services), VOA (Volunteers of America), and shelter cooking on a regular basis.

St. Barnabas, along with other churches and synagogues offer their help by relating the needs to their own congregations.  It is the hope that as a congregation volunteers will help in whatever the need is whether it be for making dinners, collecting household items, or for giving or doing anything else for those in need.