Chalice Bearers | Crucifers | Lectors

The Chalice Bearers, Crucifers and Lectors play important roles in our worship at St. Barnabas. Their activities are supervised by Agnes Bostonian, who has served faithfully on the St. Barnabas altar for 34 years.

Chalice Bearers:
Agnes B. Bostonian
David Cobleigh
Kathy Mau

Ivan Kimball
Mark Trager

Vicki Currie          Robert Raciti, Jr.
Sabina Gaston     Ethel Rosally
Alban Graham     Kathy Trager
Doreen Kolditz     Larry Wolf

To view the Lectors Schedule, click here PDF.
Please contact Kathy Mau for any changes to the schedule (contact info on PDF).

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