Bread for the World

In March 2012, St. Barnabas became a Bread for the World Covenant Church.

Bread for the World Covenant Churches understand ending hunger to be central to Christian mission. Covenant Churches make specific commitments: to pray and learn about hunger; to give of their time to end hunger in their community, the nation and the world; and to give of their resources to end hunger.

1. In our worship and study
~ to seek God’s message for us regarding our hungry brothers and sisters.
~ to learn about the causes of—and solutions to—hunger, emphasizing the role of public policy.

2. In our working and giving
~ to help hungry people in our community.
~ to support our church’s hunger relief, development and education programs.
~ to participate corporately in the work of Bread for the World and to encourage individuals to consider Bread membership.

3. In our living
~ to give prominence to the needs of hungry people.
~ to reflect in our lives an awareness of our role as stewards of God’s gifts.

To learn more about Bread for the World visit; or contact Stephen Groth, our Bread Team Leader, at 914-309-0801 or